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Post Stitch Baby Bonnet
{Lyn's Designs}

(This one is excellent for boys as its not too frilly.)

Materials: Baby Yarn/Sport Yarn approx. 2 oz. F hook Satin Ribbon , approx 20" ch 4, join with sl st to form ring. rnd 1} ch 3, work 23 dc in ring, join with sl st to top of ch 3. rnd 2} ch 3, * 2dc in next dc, 1 dc in next dc,: repeat from * around; ch 3 counts as 1 dc. 36 sts. join. rnd 3} ch 3, * 2 dc in next dc, 1 dc in each of next 2 dc, repeat from * around. 48 sts. join. Pattern: row 1} ch 3, 1 front post dc from front to back around post of next dc (post stitch), * skip 2 dc, work a shell of 3 dc, ch 1, 3 dc in next stitch , skip 2 dc, 1 front post dc as before around post of next dc, repeat from * 6 times, end with 1 dc in next st after front post dc. ( 7 shells total). row 2} ch 3, turn, * 1 back post dc inserting the hook from back to front (opposite of last row) around post of next front post dc, 1 shell in ch 1 space of next shell, repeat from * end 1 back post dc around post of last front post dc , 1 dc in next stitch. ** continue in shell, and front post/back post pattern, alternating rows so that the post stitch is raised on one side only, having 7 shells in each row, for 10 rows. neckband: turn back the last 2 rows, from right side work 42 sc evenly spaced along neck edge, working thru both thicknesses of turned-back piece. ch 1, turn, 1 sc in each sc across. beading row: working across the bottom of the bonnet; ch 4, turn, skip 2 sts, 1 dc in next, * ch 2, skip 2 sts, 1 dc in next; repeat from * to end. then ch 1, turn and work 1 row of sc in each st across. fasten off. **thread satin ribbon thru beading row, tie in bow at front. This one is a lot easier than it sounds once you get the hang of it. ~Lyn's Designs~ (\0/) 2002

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